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Aaron KocourekSo Matt Cutts decided to put out a video where he once again is basically being deceitful in his answer. The question is ‘Does a site rank better if it has a lot of indexed pages?’ Well the headlines of all the vertical blogs was basically that he said NO, more pages don’t help. Well they are wrong, once again he has shown his true talent of never giving a straight forward and honest answer. If you have a site with 13,000 unique quality articles and you have a decent internal link structure in place your site will benefit from all these additional pages. It WILL benefit greatly.

A while back I got access to a Canadian parts supplier that offered me access to over unique 250,000 parts. I took their datafeed and dropped it into my store which created over 250,000 part pages. Needless to say my rankings skyrocketed, not just because of all the additional keywords I could rank for, but because my internal linking structure was perfect and suddenly we skyrocketed in the SERPs for all the high traffic terms.

So he should have answered the question like this:

If you are adding quality content in mass to your well optimized site then YES having more pages will give you a positive boost in the SERPs, however if you are generating a massive amount of low quality auto generated pages or the pages of your site are not properly optimized then no they will NOT help your rankings. See how simple that was?

Internet Scams

There’s a new scam going around, it is where people post up a complaint against a business on a site that the know they can delete the complaint from, they then call the business and state that they found the complaint against them and offer to remove it for a large fee and then log into the account that they posted the complaint with and simply hit the ‘delete’ button. Read More →

Aaron Kocourek

So here is something funny I thought I would share. Most complaint sites such as RipOff Report, Pissed Consumer, 800notes, scam .com, consumer complaints, busted mug shots, and the hundreds of their complaints sites, mugshot sites and arrest report sites all state that you cannot take a legal route to remove their content regardless of what it is. They claim that they are defending people’s 2nd amendment rights and right to legal documents. Today I was reviewing Google transparency reports site ( and noticed that almost all complaint, ripoff and arrest sites have filed legal requests with Google to have pages on their competitors sites removed. Tens of thousands of requests have been filed by them against their competing sites and in most cases they have successfully removed the content. Here are some examples: Read More →

In this video:

Matt Cutts, Google’s mouthpiece states that you should nofollow all backlinks you received from your infographics begin shared. If this is the case then why is it that if I use Google’s infographic builder ( and generate the output that there is not a nofollow tag in the code for the link? Shouldn’t Google place a disclaimer that if you use Google Databoard to generate an infographic that you site may get banned or penalized by Google for doing so?

Aaron Wall put together an awesome rant and infographic (chuckle) on this very subject

downtownSo I live in beautiful Nashville, TN. I have lived all over the country but I always end up back in Nashville, a few years ago I came to the realization that this is where I am suppose to be. I was not born in Nashville but Nashville has become my home over the years. My first name Aaron is a biblical name and my last name Kocourek is of Czech decent. My family is of German Jewish decent on both sides. I am not Jewish, I am Christian however I recognize my Jewish heritage and cling tight to it. So back to Nashville, it is a beautiful area and there is plenty to do, I haven’t visited most of Nashville’s tourist locations but I plan to do so this summer with my kids. One of my favorite things to do in Nashville is to visit laser quest. It is a huge three story arena with glass floors which is just a blast. Kind of a childish thing I know but it is a guaranteed good time. It is located in downtown Nashville on second avenue.

I’ve been following the whole Interflora / 150+ UK news sites banned from thing and something stood out to me. Google is no longer interested in making the internet more accessible to the end user. Google is more interested in morphing the internet into what THEY want it to be. Read More →

I love reading through major online publications and even niche news sources and how they announce that every type if internet marketing is ‘dead’ and then reading through the comments and seeing people freakout like someone just told them their mother died. Today I was readitumblr_mdjweivMJp1rxfrggo1_1280ng a piece on problogger where the author was stating that guest blogging was dead, basically cause Matt Cutts stated that they were going to crack down on it … News flash! Matt Cutts runs a small team at Google and considering the scope of Google’s index it really doesn’t matter what he does, his team only has a small affect on Google’s SERPs. Remember when blog networks were dead? Yeah not mine, mine is doing better than ever. Remember when blog commenting based link building was dead? Yeah that still works if you do it correctly! Remember when forum profile based link building was announced to be dead? People began using them as indexers …. Link building is not dead and will never be cause the internet is based off of links. If you remove links then how can anyone navigate? You can’t. Link Popularity will always be a strong piece of Google’s algorithm regardless of the updates any search engine applies cause link based rankings work, they worked in 2000 and they work in 2013.


I am going to officially state that using the marketing ploy that ‘whatever is dead’ is officially dead. All you are doing is trying to cause debate which means more cash in your pocket so just get over this BS marketing ploy already.