In this video: Matt Cutts, Google’s mouthpiece states that you should nofollow all backlinks you received from your infographics begin shared. If this is the case then why is it that if I use Google’s infographic builder ( and generate the output that there is not a nofollow tag in the code for the link? Read More →

I’ve been following the whole Interflora / 150+ UK news sites banned from thing and something stood out to me. Google is no longer interested in making the internet more accessible to the end user. Google is more interested in morphing the internet into what THEY want it to be. Share this post:Follow me:

I love reading through major online publications and even niche news sources and how they announce that every type if internet marketing is ‘dead’ and then reading through the comments and seeing people freakout like someone just told them their mother died. Today I was reading a piece on problogger where the author was stating Read More →