Aaron KocourekSo Matt Cutts decided to put out a video where he once again is basically being deceitful in his answer. The question is ‘Does a site rank better if it has a lot of indexed pages?’ Well the headlines of all the vertical blogs was basically that he said NO, more pages don’t help. Well they are wrong, once again he has shown his true talent of never giving a straight forward and honest answer. If you have a site with 13,000 unique quality articles and you have a decent internal link structure in place your site will benefit from all these additional pages. It WILL benefit greatly.

A while back I got access to a Canadian parts supplier that offered me access to over unique 250,000 parts. I took their datafeed and dropped it into my store which created over 250,000 part pages. Needless to say my rankings skyrocketed, not just because of all the additional keywords I could rank for, but because my internal linking structure was perfect and suddenly we skyrocketed in the SERPs for all the high traffic terms.

So he should have answered the question like this:

If you are adding quality content in mass to your well optimized site then YES having more pages will give you a positive boost in the SERPs, however if you are generating a massive amount of low quality auto generated pages or the pages of your site are not properly optimized then no they will NOT help your rankings. See how simple that was?

Written by Aaron Kocourek

Aaron Kocourek

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