I’ve been following the whole Interflora / 150+ UK news sites banned from Google.co.uk thing and something stood out to me. Google is no longer interested in making the internet more accessible to the end user. Google is more interested in morphing the internet into what THEY want it to be. Everyone must comply or Google will act like the internet police and come to your door and arrest you by479822_340534436056586_21811245_n eliminating your sites’ largest traffic source. Basically, putting your site in prison to where you can do nothing until you get out. I remember the first time I heard of Google, my thought was, well it’s just another Inktomi. Supplying data to the search engines and portals. Back then, search engines adjusted to what websites were doing, these days you must adjust to what the search engines are demanding of you, including changing your business model in order to make the happy.

So be-careful what you do, cause almighty Google is ruling the internet and will gladly destroy thousands of lives to make sure their ego is not bruised. In my book Google is the new Microsoft.

[Updated Rant 03/01/13] Seriously Google has become the dictator of the internet. They put crazy rules in place that everyone online has to abide by except for themselves. I could just image sitting in the Interflora boardroom and hearing someone state ‘So let me get this straight, Google banned our website cause we bought some ads in UK newspapers to promote our specials for Valentines day?’ When you put it in a general context doesn’t that sound just completely absurd?

Written by Aaron Kocourek

Aaron Kocourek

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