There’s a new scam going around, it is where people post up a complaint against a business on a site that the know they can delete the complaint from, they then call the business and state that they found the complaint against them and offer to remove it for a large fee and then log into the account that they posted the complaint with and simply hit the ‘delete’ button. They are scamming business owners and individuals and the people they are scamming don’t even know this is occurring as they are marketing their services as legitimate reputation management services. I received notice of this new scam from the owner of 800notes and online complaint filing site. Here is a thread that shows proof of this occurring:

Internet Scams

Internet Scams

It is at least good to see that the owner of 800notes is trying to identify and remove these scammers from her site. So the lesson here is that make sure you are dealing with a real legitimate reputation management company and not some scammer trying to make a quick buck. A real reputation management company such as Reputation Advocate, does not participate in schemes like this nor would we ever. We focus on helping people get their life’s back and regain control of their online reputation. Scammers like this do nothing but hurt the industry and it’s overall reputation. We are committed to stopping scammers like this and do what we can to help cease their operations. One easy way to tell if the complaint about you is legitimate or not is to look at the posting date. If a complaint was published against you and within a week you get an email from a no name company offering to remove it for you, changes are that company posted it and is now trying to scam you. We welcome more laws and law enforcement in regards to the internet to help protect people from scams such as these.

So what can you do if you are stuck in a situation such as this? First contact the owner of the site which the complaint was posted on and show them the proof that shows you believe you are being scammed. Then contact local law enforcement agencies, the BBB, and the FBI.

Written by Aaron Kocourek

Aaron Kocourek

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