Well here is the first of what I want to call ‘Aaron James Kocourek’s thought of the day!’

Just ran a pretty interesting test. I setup and configured NoHandsSEO (nohandsseo.com) to run at the best settings it allows, I let it run for about a week straight using one set of anchor text. The results were 558 verified links placed and the URL it was building links to went from page 3 position #4 to page 1 position #5. It is a competitive keyword and almost no other link building has been done for the site in the past 2 years. Tests like this really make you wonder if watching Matt Cutt’s videos help at all or if you are just better off watching Arrested Development instead and letting your automated tools blast away. Anyways this shows that testing in a real life enviroment is key, not just reading about what other people have done and their results.

Written by Aaron Kocourek

Aaron Kocourek

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