I love reading through major online publications and even niche news sources and how they announce that every type if internet marketing is ‘dead’ and then reading through the comments and seeing people freakout like someone just told them their mother died. Today I was readitumblr_mdjweivMJp1rxfrggo1_1280ng a piece on problogger where the author was stating that guest blogging was dead, basically cause Matt Cutts stated that they were going to crack down on it … News flash! Matt Cutts runs a small team at Google and considering the scope of Google’s index it really doesn’t matter what he does, his team only has a small affect on Google’s SERPs. Remember when blog networks were dead? Yeah not mine, mine is doing better than ever. Remember when blog commenting based link building was dead? Yeah that still works if you do it correctly! Remember when forum profile based link building was announced to be dead? People began using them as indexers …. Link building is not dead and will never be cause the internet is based off of links. If you remove links then how can anyone navigate? You can’t. Link Popularity will always be a strong piece of Google’s algorithm regardless of the updates any search engine applies cause link based rankings work, they worked in 2000 and they work in 2013.


I am going to officially state that using the marketing ploy that ‘whatever is dead’ is officially dead. All you are doing is trying to cause debate which means more cash in your pocket so just get over this BS marketing ploy already.

Written by Aaron Kocourek

Aaron Kocourek

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