Reputation Advocate advises business owners to pay close attention to their online reviews – whether they’re posted on social media outlets like Facebook, or consumer review sites such as Google Local or Yelp. Given that there’s no regulatory group to hold authority over these sites, Reputation Advocate says business owners and managers are at risk of alienating their customers before they even walk in the door or visit the company’s website. Read More →

So I live in beautiful Nashville, TN. I have lived all over the country but I always end up back in Nashville, a few years ago I came to the realization that this is where I am suppose to be. I was not born in Nashville but Nashville has become my home over the years. Read More →

I’ve been following the whole Interflora / 150+ UK news sites banned from thing and something stood out to me. Google is no longer interested in making the internet more accessible to the end user. Google is more interested in morphing the internet into what THEY want it to be. Share this post:Follow me: